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Barney Colored Elementary School was part of the Rosenwald school building program that matched funds from philanthropist Julius Rosenwald with community donations to build rural southern schools during the era of segregation. 

An example of a "community school plan," included two large classrooms with one bank of six windows in each classroom, along with two sliding partition doors to accommodate larger school and community gatherings, and one industrial room with one bank of four windows. This architectural structure combined a progressive-era design with emphasis on lighting and ventilation. Educator Booker T. Washington, president Tuskegee Institute sought funds from philanthropist Julius Rosenwald to build schools with a focus on community development and industrial training for rural African American children.

The Barney school operated from 1933 to 1959, serving first through sixth grade students. It was one of six Rosenwald Schools in Brooks County. Barney served as a feeder school to the Morven Rosenwald schools, located in Morven, Georgia. In 2006, the Morven Rosenwald Alumni Association, Inc. is 501 c-3 not for profit organization. 


Morven Rosenwald Alumni Association Inc.

The Morven Rosenwald Alumni Association is a 501 c-3 not for profit organization.  As a group we commit to:

  • Preserving a Rosenwald Historic School in Brooks County as a multi-purpose community center. Artifacts and other historical memorabilia will be housed at this site.
  • Preserving  the oral and written history of African American and others in Brooks County, GA.
  • Encourage and promote life long learning, healthy lifestyles, good morale values, promote the use of technology for all interested citizens.
  • Encourage and promote youth entrepreneurship through mentoring programs and other initiatives.
  • Encourage and promote respect for diversity in our community and its importance in a global society.